Thursday, January 21, 2010

Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival!!!

Everything started with a post Colour Me Corby to share the colour of my life. I wrote that post to join an event organized by Nuffnang & Samsung.

I was really excited when I received the invitation. It's kind of disappointed when I was informed that my invitation had been revoked. LUCKILY~!!!! That's just a mistake. Phewwww~!!!

I purposely came back to K.L. earlier just to attend this carnival. What came across my mind is I just want to have fun before my new semester starts. That's the first ever event in year 2010 that organized by Samsung and Nuffnang. I can't miss this golden opportunity.

Finally it's 16th of Jan 2010. I woke up early that morning and depart to the destination -> Sunway Lagoon.

Yeah~!!!I can't really wait to get excited. The next thing I did was to get myself registered.

Thanks to these few pretty ladies. I managed to get my freebies & T-shirt. Luckily I arrived early that day. After about 20 minutes, there's a BIG crowd in front of the booth.

Wow...They were all Nuffnangers and Samsung Handphone users. Luckily I managed to skip it.

After that, all of us were led to another open-air hall with a big stage in front.

Everyone was still with their own clothes.

Everyone looked more colourful now...
We were divided into four different group according to the colours or our T-shirt. We needed to play versus game with every other group and points will be given to the winning team.

Liang was the MC on that day. He is a great MC that can change the atmosphere there to a nice one. Everyone was VERY VERY high that time.

After a simple breakfast, our games started. The first game was everyone's ankle will be tied with a balloon. The participants had to protect their own balloons and stepped on other group's balloons. The game caused a bit "chaos" but everyone was having fun. After that, it was followed by tug-of-war and rock climbing. These two games required strength, skills and co-operation within team members. The last game was the most anticipated one. It was the paint ball where we can "kill" each other. That's the best game and the most important game to see which team will walk away with a brand new Samsung Corby handphone.

After four games of competition, at last......*deng deng deng deng*
The Orange Team emerged as the Champion.

Every member of the Orange team with a Samsung Corby on their hands.

While Yellow Team was the first runner-up.

The Team with a cheque of RM 2,500.00

However, everyone was a winner on that day as everyone indeed had fun. Hope such event will be organized from time to time.

Thanks to Nuffnang & Samsung~!!!

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