Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Not more than a month, the Year of Ox is going to come to an end, ushering the year of Tiger.
It's kinda coincident that this year Chinese New Year falls on my 22nd birthday. It gives me a feeling that on my 22nd birthday, it would be a brand new year for me. A brand new energy & plan to starts my 22nd year of mine as well as the year of Tiger.

Ushering the year of Tiger.

As usual, every year there would be a new resolutions. Same as previous year, I hope I will be doing well in every aspect that I am now. Being a third year student, I hope that I can improve my academic result, keep on gaining knowledge, improve my communication and socializing skills as well as getting fit and healthy. In other words, hope that I would be like the lantern on the bamboo in the picture below.

歩歩高升 means getting better.

However this year, I have a wish or I can say a dream.
Since I am getting older & older, it means my life in my campus would be lesser & lesser. I have one and a half year to go to complete my degree program. Some of my friends are even faster than me as their degree program only take 3 years. This semester would be their final semester in the campus and by the end of May, they would be on their ways to the graduation party. *all the best to you all*

Isn't a good thing to see our friends wearing graduation caps and gowns? YES, Indeed~!!!
But...there's something that holds me back.
Stepping into the working environment is not an easy challenge. Maybe because of that, we will have less time and chance to hang around like before. Maybe their working places are far away, we would even lose contact. Or even the next time when we meet, we would be acting like strangers. Thousands of maybe lingering in my mind. However, I shouldn't be worrying about something that out of my control. What I going to do is to appreciate the moment with them NOW.

Eric's & my birthday celebration at Ampang Look Up Point in year 2009

My dream is simple. I hope no matter what path we are heading to, our friendship bond will always be there. Stay connected. If possible, invite me to your wedding ya=). Friendship forever ya~!!!


nicholexh said...

dun forget me pls!!! :p

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

I promise I wont de...
Even u wan me not 2 miss u all I will oso miss de...=)

shirvine said...

me too!!!

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Shirvine...wont forget u de well as other SG geng...u all will alwas linger in my mind de...