Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If I am Ip Man master, I would...

If I am Ip Man Master, I would be doing what a real Master should do.

I would be helping people around me that need help.

I would always be there for justice.

For me, learning martial art is to train my body, soul and mind.

When people shout at me and say "You are just a guy that scare of your wife", I would just reply calmly that "In this world, there are no guys that scare of their wives, but they respect their wives instead."

When people want to challenge me, I would just say "Yes!". But when they want to fight until they can see blood, I would ask them "Do you prefer a victory or to go back home and have a meal with your family?"

As a Master, I have to be always prepared just like this....

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Siew5 said...

yeah! kungfu master is not afraid of monster XH!

nicholexh said...

omg!! siao liao-