Saturday, June 19, 2010

619 (2010)

It has been 1 year since my last post about 19th June 2009...
It's juz a simple post 19-06-2009. But it does meant a lot.
Last year around this time, I has busy preparing for my supp paper. It did give me more impact to move on & do better after falling down.

Do I mention b4 that 619 is kind of a special date?
Coz when u rotate the number "619" in 180 degree no matter to the right or left side, it will look the same = 619.

Indeed some date can't be forgotten that easy, & 619 is a nice & memorable 1...


To the concerned DUDE,

We are lucky to have this day years ago. That's what make us now. We are fortunate for the decision that had been made. I do appreciate it. Sincerely thank you.


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