Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Legend...

There are a few person that would always be remembered in the arena of football in Malaysia...

In conjunction of the World Cup 2010, Maxis has created several advertisement so that Malaysians would look back & get inspiration from it...

Malaysia used to beat S. Korea 2-1

Dato' Soh Chin Aun a.k.a. Towkay (defender)
In 1971, when he played in the Olympic qualifier in Seoul, South Korea, he was the youngest member of the national team at the age of 21. He participated in the 1972 Munich Olympic Game and was the captain of the qualifying team to the 1980 Moscow Olympic Game. He earned the nickname The 'god of war' for his commanding play. His partnership with Santokh Singh was the most solid defence in the much-feared Malaysian team back then.

"There is no point of telling everybody that we have to play our best for the country, what is more important is show it." - Dato' Soh Chin Aun

Santokh Sigh a.k.a. iron man (defender)
e participated in the 1972 Munich Olympic Game and one of qualifying team to the 1980 Moscow Olympic Game.His partnership with Soh Chin Aun was the most solid defence in the much-feared Malaysian team back then.

"At those day, we didn't think of reward. We just want to make the country proud, if the country proud, we will also be proud" - Santokh Singh
"It takes eleven to make a team, and eleven to win a game." - Santokh Singh

Late Mokhtar Dahari a.k.a. Super Mokh
Mokhtar was famous for his speed, accuracy and dribbling. Roars of "Supermokh" was all over the crowds including the young generation who tried to imitate his move. Mokhtar once did the "The Goal of the Century" like Diego Maradona except Maradona weave through six players and Mokhtar only weave through 3 players.

Late R. Arumugam a.k.a. Spiderman (Goal keeper)
His exceptionally long arms and brilliant saves have earned him the nickname "Spiderman". R. Arumugam earned his first call up to the Malaysia National Football Team in 1973 for the World Cup qualifying round matches in Seoul, South Korea. During his time with the national team, he helped Malaysia win Merdeka Tournament in 1973, 1974, 1976 and 1979. He also represented Malaysia in the 1973, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1983 and 1985 Sea Games. His greatest achievement with the national team was the football bronze medal of th 1974 Asian Game in Tehran. He also helped Malaysia to qualify for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Game but Malaysia decided to boycott the game. R. Arumugam has earned 196 caps(not all A class international matches) for Malaysia during his time with the national team since 1973 when he retired from international football in 1986. His personal goal was to earn 200 caps.

Hassan Sani a.k.a. Lipas kudung
He is remembered as a member of the potent strike force comprising the likes of Mokhtar Dahari and James Wong. He was called lipas kudung because of his agility.

James Wong a.k.a. King James Wong
James is well known for his physical and finishing touch. His partnership with Hassan Sani produce many memorable goal for Sabah and Malaysia. The most memorable one was in the 1980 Moscow Olympic Game. The scorer of winning goal is James himself thanks to the assist from Hassan Sani.

Moment of glory...

Let's look back again the history so that we will repeat it 1 day...that's the glory...

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