Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Worthy Friendship

I still remember 5 years ago when we just completed our high school sessions, while we were thinking of possibilities, at the same time, we were worried that most of us would be far apart and as time went on, we would lost contact and everything would end up with just a hi & bye. Graduation trip to Singapore seems like an end for us. One certain day before we furthered our studies, when I was chatting with Loong, the first friend that I knew when I 1st stepped in Kangar, his mum said to us "Hopefully the friendship within you all will keep on just like Loong's bro." Those words are always with me throughout these years.

5 years then,

I could proudly tell Auntie "Yes, we did make it & it will last ever longer." Within these 5 years, we seldom meet each other, but we would try to make it every chance that is possible for us. "Lost in sight, lost in mind" is never applicable for us. After a long silent from each of us, we will still be ourselves when we meet each other. Jokes, laugters and fun will always be around with us. Everyone of us will always give and take just to keep us in touch. People will always say that as life goes on, we will get to know more friends and our social circle will keep on changing. Friends, thanks a lot, thanks for proving with me that what people say is wrong.

The future is not our can see but I believe there will be another 5 years and more and more. Glad that I am part of your life friends.


Happy Swallow said...


shirvine said...

yeah!!v will keep friendship and spirit ON until v retire!!:)
i will say NO to "out of sight out of mind" when i go somewhere to work later on......keep in touch!

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...


Shirvine...Yes...even after v retire...How about "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"? haha...