Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's been some time...

Luckystrike14.blogspot .com is full of spider web and dust. Gonna clear it right now.
Yeah, I am half way towards working life. Half way??? Means I undergoing my industrial training in a company as a student. Choosing to put my industrial training at the last semester is never a wrong step. It gives me the chance to experience what I had studied for 4 years so that I could make a choice in the real working world. I miss study life but I am glad that I am now working. Having my industrial training in Fuji Electric makes me even more interested in something that I had only looked , read and memorized from the slides. Makes my hands dirty let me think again this question "Do you really want to give up Engineering?"A real good question for me to think and by the end of the training, I should come out with the answer.

Another thing great about Fuji Electric is I don't have to buy any formal clothes for my daily job. I am given for free & I find it not bad.

1st time in jumpsuit. This is the suits that we need to wear before entering clean room. Shit man. My tummy~!!!

These were the people I seen for the last time before the Australia trip and driving back to Penang. They are those I miss most. There are angels around me when I first step into university life. Somehow, some of the angels loses their wings. I am glad that they are some that still flying. =)

Sis, how are u there? So my bro in law is white or black? haha...a long lst sister that I found in my university life. My parents don't even know that they have a daughter. =.= *lame* Take care and hope to see you soon.


Yin Tan said...

I'm fine. Send my regards to mum n dad. I miss them too, LOL.
No brother in law for you. I still want to fly with no strings attached.

shao ying said...

Enjoy and take care over there yin :)

Alex cox said...

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