Monday, July 18, 2011


Monday should be a BLUE BLUE day for most of us, especially working adult. I am partially influenced. As an industrial trainee in a company, I sometimes do not feel that my contributions are appreciated. After one & a half month being an always-willing-to-learn trainee, I could feel that the motivation has faded throughout the time. The same routine everyday makes me feel numb and keep on awaiting for weekend. Somehow, today I do feel a bit different in the BLUE. While I was waiting for the time to go back, suddenly my supervisor loaded me with lots of task which I knew I would not be able to go home ON TIME. Yes~! Life as a trainee is to go back ON TIME. Curse from different languages came across my mind followed by a curve of smile on my face. So not much that I can do but just to follow orders.

Nothing can be completed well without concentration. I kept on thinking of leaving and my supervisor noticed about that. He asked me "What you plan to be after graduate?" Had myself hesitated for awhile, I said "An engineer." Then he kept on with the lecturing............not much different with a boring lecture but sudddenly his words drew my attention. "You all young generation don't like to think and figure out what's the problem and what stop you all. You all just stop without putting more effort."

Before stepping foot into working society, I keep on telling myself I would not be a part time actor and would not be Strawberry generation (Direct translation from Mandarin). However, I am indirectly heading towards that path. I could hear the ring of alarm and I was awaken. It took me a couple of hour to complete the task but the hours and minites spent are worth for it. Reached home quite late but full of motivation.

On day, if I am a successful engineer, the inspire will be from you.

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