Thursday, July 28, 2011


One has finished his internship, one has left to Singapore...

As I had mentioned a lot of time, now I am undergoing my industrial training. Yeah. Still a students. Still in the process of learning. I am one of those group that working people envy. They are jealous as my resposibility is not as heavy as theirs. They would just simple say "Nevermind la. You are just a trainee." Yeah. This was in my mind before I went in the company until the moment before I met my superior today.

4 years of Engineering in Nanotechnology doesn't really increase my interest in that field. Even worse, I nearly think of giving up engineering after my graduation. The plan before my internship is:

Complete my internship. -> Find a non-engineering job. -> Start a brand new life.

I was just planning to finish my internship with zero. As long as I finish it, then it's done. Now I do feel sorry. Sorry because I started to fond of this field. After 4 years, only the last semester before I officially step into the working world really amaze me how great to be an engineer. Seriously, being a great engineer, life is no life and the income is neither attractive.

Thanks to my mentor aka my superior in my company. He had a quite unique background before he is an engineer. Opppsss...Should be seniour engineer in only just 3 years. He used to be the black sheep of the family. After his high school, he gave up studying. Working at the construction site just to make end meets was not enough for him. At last he went for a higher education achievement - Diploma before he headed to Singapore as a wire man. At last, he managed to get a degree from a local university at the age of 27. Now he is 33 with a child. His turn over really inspired me. His attitude is even fasinating. When he works, he works. When he fxcks, he really fxcks. Smoking and drinking beer are his favourite. Cursing and vulgar joke are the first thing I heard from him when we first met. This tought me a lesson of not judging the book by its cover.

Today, he talked a lot to me. This is one of the phrases that really makes me have a great though.

"When the sun goes down, you don't have any chance anymore. Don't give up any chance."

I used to say I will, I will & I will. But now it's the time to launch. Time wait for no man. I am doing now. One day and if one day, I end up as a great engineer, you are part of the inspiration.

Macha, an engineer that give me a lot of guidance on electrical system.

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