Friday, April 1, 2011

How's life so far with Astro PVR.

It's been one month Atro PVR is been with my family. Now it's the apple of every members of my family.

So why do I say so?

Everyday, we can't resist not to TOUCH it. When it comes to weekend, it's even the whole day. During weekend, we tend to wake up early nowadays. Who is the first that get the remote control will rules the day.
Sometimes, we just get to see it LIVE. No matter football match or any award-giving ceremony, we get the first information about it.

But you might ask "What's the different with the common Astro service?"

Then you really have to try it to know about it. That's what I experience so far.
  1. I am always the late bug in my family. That's why every weekend I seldom be the person who gets the remote control. Somehow, our quarrels are getting less. We don't fight because of movie programme anymore. What I need to do is just ask my brother's favour to RECORD it. Then I will PLAY when everyone goes to bed.
  2. My mum likes to lecture us if we keep ourselves engaged in front of TV for a long time. It's funny when she says "You all don't want to rest also please let Astro PVR rest la. Later I want to watch la." We just burst into laughter.
  3. My mum again. She doesn't like to join us for dinner outside. She always blames us as we always take a long time outside and she will miss the front part of her favourite series. But now, she is the one that drags us to shopping mall after dinner.
  4. We love it when we can REPLAY all those fantastic goals any time when we feel like watching. My bro is the Manchester United fans. Just imagine how many times he REPLAYs the bicycle kick by Rooney and keeps on talking about it.
  5. Thanks to Astro PVR that we spend more time on the couch together. A greater bond among my family members.

Astro PVR is really part of my family now.

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