Friday, April 22, 2011

Inhome Unlimited Entertainment

Again Luckystrike is MIA without any update for a fortnight. Sorry ya readers. Credit to my Final Year Project. Thank god all has come to an end. Just submitted it 2 days ago and now I am a free man. Feel like the movie "The Shawshank Redemption". Haha. Now my movie mode is totally ON~!!!

Entertainment does't necessary have to be outing and spending money. Sometimes, it's the matter on quality of time and who are you going to spend with. The best part of entertainment is I can share it with my beloved one.

As my parents are English-educated, Hollywood movie is always their priority. As for their son, that's also in my blood. That's the common channel that we used to share.

Channel 411 - HBO.

The merrier thing is sometimes the movie in HBO is just in cinema not long ago. It's indeed an inhome cinema especially a town that without cinema. That's what I mean quality time - time I spend with family.

Channel 311 - Wah Lai Toi.

I think Cantonese movies have very big influence in Malaysia. Even some of us might not speak Cantonese fluently, we still can listen and understand what they mean. This also happens to my parents. They like Cantonese series movie. To our astonishment, nowadays they speaks Cantonese to us. But that gives us laughter more than the information that they want to share.

Hua Hee Dai - Channel 333.

Being a Hokkien Lang that most influenced by Penang Hokkien, I am always said to speak non-genuine Hokkien. People from Klang always condemns me that I speak Hokkien campur. It can only be used in the North of Peninsular Malaysia. I think that's quite true. That's why my parents insist me to watch Hua Hee Dai. The movies in that channel use genuinne Hokkien.

Who says that television programme is only for entertainment? It's sometimes meant for education purpose. haha. FML...

ESPN - Channel 812

Most of the people prefer to watch football match in a crowd. That turns out to be different for me. I would prefer laying on my own couch with my favourite snacks and drinks with me. Sometimes, 3 to 4 friends join me would make it better. But still I prefer to watch it at home.

OK. That's my entertainment so far. Maybe now you have some doubts.

"Do you have enough time for this?" "Do you ever fight with family members because of the different movies that you all want to watch?"

The answer is simple.

Thanks to Astro B.yond PVR.
TV. Your time. Your way.

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