Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mystery Symbol

Looking at the photo above, I just can't stop my memory flowing back to the past. It has been 2 years. Yeah. It might be just a short period but things change in these 2 years. Later I am going for a trip organized by Tourism Club. It might be my last trip with this group of family. This time, I am going to join without most of my friends. Somehow, I think that it will be a good half time rest for me. A good rest is meant for a longer journey. I seriously need it much after engaging in my Final Year Project since the beginning of the semester. Just enjoy myself~!!!


Do you all sensitive with the SYMBOLS around? I mean unique one. Look at the picture below.

Do you notice the symbol between the tips of the twin giants?

I have totally no idea what's that? Am I the only one that come across this? Is this just in my nation or anywhere else? I tried to find it out. Look what I found.

Recently there's a lot of movie about alien invasion? Does it mean that it's true? Would World Invasion: Battle of Malaysia is going to be true? There are thousands of why to be answered. Do any one of you seen this and wonder the same thing as I do?


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Yeah...miss the moment and the people...

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