Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just to share

It would surely be a boring post. So don't put any expectation in this post.

Back to a history class, not really long ago but half of the decades...sometimes, somethings can only be explained as "fated" instead of anything else. It's really fate. Let's start with the boring class. 5 years ago, while I had my longest ever holiday in my life after my high school graduation, I was in a mess. I couldn't really make up my mind on my next move. There're a few options that I got that time, but still I stick with the plan "Foundation in Engineering" in Multimedia University (Malacca campus). After one year, again I need to pick a choice for my major. After thinking and considering, my choice is "Nanotechnology" which I thought it's new, cool and fresh at that moment.

Throughout this 5 years, the greatest question that I would like ask myself is "What had you gained in this 5 years?" Honestly I had nothing but shit in my engineering skills and technical knowledge. I almost almost give up engineering after 5 years in this field. YES~!!!This is the 2nd time I mentioned it in my blog post. Fuck up man~!!! Luckily 4 months of engineering gave me an awesome reason to stay and re-evaluate.

So in other words, I am spending RM50k+ for just a piece of toilet paper? Just to clean all my shits off? I would say "NO". I might not be a great engineer that have good critical thinking skills but I learn to think logically and rationally in life. I might not be able to explain to the others in details and convince the interviewers with my communication skills but I speak, listen and share my thoughts with the others. I may not have a good job with high salary but I could get myself a chance to explore to real working work by my own. I might not be able to do well in my engineering job but I do have a great attitude towards life and work. I may not have much interest in engineering but I have passion in life. In short, I learn a lot of things out of the class in my campus life.

Another interesting part about my university life is the value of friendships that I have. I use "have" instead of "had" because for me, it will be everlasting. Whenever I come to the central of Malaysia, most of them would make the effort just to meet up and say 'hi'. Furthermore, they will keep on suggesting gathering from time to time although for most of the time, many of us could not make it and it will be just a history. Since this weekend is a long weekend, many of my friends would like to spend their time with their dearest family. Just to make it for a dinner with me, they just change their plan and delay their time back. Sincerely, I am touched. I do appreciate. Some even rather spend less time with their bf/gf to meet up with me and have a good laugh. Thanks & thanks...

After lots of expectation and disappointment, I learned to be moderate. So instead of expecting, I would rather wait for some surprises. Anyhow, I do hope that the discussion for next trip to the north is an ongoing process and will be a big "ON". Looking forward to it. *bless*