Sunday, November 20, 2011

I fall in love in Marathon

It's 20th November 2011. Today is the day. It's 20.11.2011. Two 2011 in one row. On this auspicious day, what have you done to make it a remarkable one? Thanks to Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon, I have a great day. A new achievement is achieved and new target of my life is set. Yea, I join the half marathon which is 21km. Don't believe right? Haha...I couldn't believe that too at first. I just do it...

I made myself at Queensbay Mall a day before. Penang Bridge is closed for the race from 1.00am till 10.00am. Window shopping at QB and read some stuffs at Popular. Later on Jih Yee met me up and have dinner with me. Thanks for the accompany. After that only me & my car over the night. I got a brief rest in the car. By 1am, it's already crowded with a lot of participants. It's very happening.

You gonna end the race that you started. Photo was taken at 12.00am.

I got myself ready with the race kits. Race bib is on & tag is tied on the shoes. Yeah~!!! This tag is totally compulsory to make sure that we go through all the stations. While we jog pass a scanner, our number is scanned and our time is recorded. It's totally a great way to reduce miscommunication that I met before in other races.

It's 3.00am....punk~!!! Here we's marathon is a great one...along the journey, there will be a lot of cheer from the organizer and passersby to keep us going on. Some tourists also joined the cheer to "add oil" for us. The drinking stop is enough and even 100 plus is served. That's the drink we as runners need the most. On the bridge, a group of people keep on playing drum. The sound of drum seems like asking us to keep going instead of stopping. The runners keep on encouraging ourselves to keep us moving on. The best part is pretty female runners jog pass you from the side and you couldn't manage look her face. That's the best reason for me to increase my paces.

The last 3 km, both of my calves and thighs were totally ache. My joints are in pain. But still I started speeding like there's no tomorrow. Without considering whether later I still need to step on the pedal or to walk to the toilet, I just sped up. When my last step landed on the scanner and show my time, I was relief. Then a person hung a finishing medal over my neck. The feeling is great. The bitter is worth it. I guess I fall in love. I fall in love in marathon.

I made it with my own feet. Despite of how scary the others say about 21km half marathon, I would say that is just like that. Determination plays vital role. FULL STOP.

The back part of the medal.

The front part of the medal.

I met my high school senior in the marathon event. He is 3 years older than me. Ohya, for your information, last time I used to kinda idolize those who born in 85 in my high school. For me, they are great in every aspect. No matter study, sport and social network, they are always at the front line. Still remember when I was in Form 2, I joined a jogging event organized by Kelab Jogging in my high school. The route was around 3 km. When I was just half way, the senior that I mentioned just now had already finish the run. That time I was amazed.

Back to the Marathon, both of us had a conversation.

I: So joining alone?
Senior: Nola. With friends. How far you join?
I: Half marathon. How about u? Sure Full lor.
Senior: Nola. Only 10km. Long time didn't jog d lor.

I am not saying out this to prove that I am greater now. I just would like to say that only passion will keep a person moving. Do it with your heart and leave everything behind. So while we are asking when should we do something, the answer is always NOW~!!!

Now we are the generation~!!! The race goes on...

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