Sunday, November 13, 2011

Part of the Resolution in Year 2011

Another quarter left for 2011 and I think it's time to review my resolution that I had prepared on the last day of 2010. It's been something I did for the past few years but previous years, I lost my list before I had my chance to review them. So usually I considered that my checklist were all ticked. This year, I pasted my Bucket List on the wall in E-1-B. No idea of E-1-B? You should have a look at THIS. So when I moved most of my thing off that memory castle, I was thinking of leaving the Bucket List untouched on the wall. But luckily I tore it off and keep it. I was lucky to do so. 5 out of 6 of my list were completed & I am satisfied and proud of that. Ahhh~!!! I still get an "A" rite?

Last week, I completed my degree course unofficially. I ended it with the Industrial Training presentation and it worked out fine. Basically, the presentation served as a good excuse for me to take a day off from my daily routine and to meet up my buddies. Ah~!!! Hope this would not be my last reason to be back to that familiar place. Thanks everyone for making effort to meet up. Catching up with u guys is awesome.

Thanks Julian for coming back earlier just to meet up & thanks a lot for the meal. If you could make it to the North, it's pay back time. =)

Lala Fried Bihun - a famous food in Klang.
Heard a bout it quite some times ago until I had the chance to taste it. It's really nice. Worth for a try. yummy...As a seafood lover, I can't resist myself over these good stuff. It's juicy with lots of meat.

The location is E: 101* 25' 27'' N: 3*0'38.8''.

This morning, Dad & I went to Penang Island for this....

Yes...Crazy stuff again...

It's in the Bucket list...a week to go...will start at 3.00am...I should have sleep at that choice la...backside itchy who's with me this time?

After that Dad & I hang out for a coffee time. We had a great father & son moment and mostly our topic is about life & future...

"工作后的毓健不一样了,成熟稳重了许多,带着中学时期的影子,只是那么点影子" - My favourite quote of the day, & maybe the week. =)

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