Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in a nutshell

It is 5.00am & I am sitting in front of my laptop, reminiscing about what had happened throughout the year. I just don't wish to spend the last day of 2010 on the bed. I don't have a good memory. Thanks to the technology nowadays, I could recall back a lots of memory using photos, blogs, twitter and Facebook. Looking back those photos and blog posts, I would say that it's indeed a great journey with all the people around me.


Meet with my idol politicians, YB Lim Kit Siang & YB Teresa Kok during DAP dinner in Perlis. *I was damn happy for couple of days*

We visited the "zoo" in Hatyai together. Experience new stuff right? Wanna make it again? All guys trip...hahaha...

Nuffnang First event in 2010 - Samsung Corby at Sunway Extreme Park.

Thanks to Eric for the ice-skating and Neway karaoke session. Keep on the good job in the video making ya, Eric~!!!

Happy Birthday Fai Gor. The first person to add on the number among us.


Nuffnang Tiger Run at Jaya One

Happy Birthday to Eric & me. Thanks for the cakes and steamboat. I think this epic action will not be forgotten for quite sometime. Luckily the trend "playing with cake" wasn't there that time.=)

CNY Penang Trip with SG. Try to make it again nex year ok?

Primary School Alumni CNY dinner. Seang, no more admitting into hospital ya. haha.

CNY at Hard Rock Hotel. Thanks to VVIP. I could visit the room. =)

Visit Dong Zhen Temple and CNY reunion dinner with bunch of MMU dudes.


St. Patrick Festival at One Utama.

Earth Hour around KL area

Night Out at Zouk


Nuffnang & Gatsby Deoderant Street Fair at Berjaya Times Square

22nd of April - A date to be remembered. Specifically 2020 ya.

Charity trip to Cameron

Visit to Sri Petaling Special Orphanage with TC. Meaningful trip to see how fortunate we are. As we think of getting more & more, we should be fortunate.


Happy Birthday to Shao Ying & Memory lane 512 to Jln. Kuching.

Broga Hill after so many years. At least we could make it.

Cameron Highland with MMU dudes

The first time we felt that local flight seems so long and far. I miss you Crystal. I bet most of us too!


All generation of Sagas meet together for a competition. We won nothing but friendship and now, it's a great memory.

Happy Birthday Kim Foong. 1st time i was in polaroid's photo.

Urban Escape 2010 - Heaven on earth, Tze Ing correct?


Nuffnang Sharing Session at Pak Li's Kopitiam. The beginning of a blogger journey.

1st Time Out KL Thursday Comedy at ZOUK.

David Beh, Jia Wen, Crystal & Xiang Hue's convocation. Gathering after most of us went to internship.

Happy Birthday Katak. The start of the trend~!!!


The Largest Man made Smiley at Bintang Walk. If not mistaken, Jansen & Tze Ing were in the TV for this event.

The largest Man Grooming in Malaysia at Sungai Wang

Shao Ying's Convocation. First among SG.

Happy Birthday to Sherlyn

Happy Birthday to David Beh - Beyond Epsilon

Happy Birthday to my housemate - Hanhui. First and hope not the last celebration with him.

Festival Jom Makan Buah at Taman Warisan. Irresistible durian...


5th Book Fest at KLCC. Reading is good.

Knowledge Sharing with Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia at MMU

Representing Eric at the YTL Climate Challenge Week Eco Tips Video Making Prize giving at Teeq, Lot 10. Congratz again to Eric.


Farewell Teck Peng, all the best in Warwick University, UK!

Trip to Dusun Eco with TC

Digi Minus Means More Campaign at D' House. D' House is amazing~!!!


Flood in Perlis AGAIN~!!! urghhh....come once every 5 years? Not for the next 100 years ok!!!

KGFP Family Day at Bukit Merah

Congratulation to Mei Nee, Ming Min, Zhee Loong, Kok Seang and Poh Cheng for the graduation. Congratz...

Trip to i-city with SG

Visit The Crafty, The Bee

Nuffnang Digi Pimp Up your Mucis at Zouk

Press Media - Launch of LG Optimus at Menara Celcom

Peter Pan The Musical at Sunway Lagoon

Happy Birthday QUEK, my roommate for going-to-be 5 years...Thanks for consideration and toleration at times.


Teh Tarik Session with Mark Chang, CEO & Founder of Jobstreet

Belated celebration for Sheng's birthday

KLue Candlelight X'mas performance at KLPAC

Last Pokkha Ice-cream at The Bee, Jaya One. It's nice but slightly expensive.

The Press Conference of GBOB @ The Celebrities Hall of Music, SOHO, Solaris Mont Kiara

Free room for 2 days 1 night at Genting. Thanks to World Card Genting.

One day trip to Hitz.FM with JJ & EAN

Happy Birthday Kok Jin

Happy Birthday Tze Ing. Karma goes...

With KLue Follow The Light performance Crew at PJLA

Early X'mas & Dong Zhi

X'mas countdown with MMU dudes at Genting.

Malacca trip with SG

Throughout 2010, the photos say them all. Sorry if I missed out anything. I don't have a good memory. All of the above are those base on my FB, blog and photos that I have.

In year 2010, I did learn a lot not from notes or books but from life. I witness how bond among friends getting stronger and another way round. I started to notice that not everything will remain the same or as the way you wish. I learn that acceptance is important in life. Knowledge is undeniable an essential asset for us. However, attitude and spirit play important roles in the journey towards success.

I am sorry...sincerely apologize...
  1. for the words that I said and hurt anyone of you.
  2. for the action that I did and offended anyone of you.
  3. for not doing anything even I felt that some of our frenz were neglected.
  4. for not attending any friend gatherings because of my own stuff.
  5. for my selfishness.
  6. for making anyone of you uncomfortable.
  7. for everything......
Thank you. I did appreciate...
  1. the helps & assists from you.
  2. the presents & gifts that given by you.
  3. the accompany and sharing.
  4. the wishes that given.
  5. the guidance in life.
  6. the appearance of all of you in my life.
  7. the laughter & fun.
  8. everything around me
While many of us keep on mentioning that this and that will be the last, I see it as " This might be the end of the road, but the journeys keep on going". We still have responsibilities and promises to be fulfilled.

*Close my diary for 2010*

That's my 2010. So how's yours?

Happy New Year and have a great start starting tomorrow. All the best~!!!


julian said...

trip to the zoo... all guys yes! ON!

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

hahaha...yeah...all guys trip...all the things happen in zoo muz remain in the zoo...=)