Tuesday, February 3, 2009


"Hei all my s.g lovely friends.thanks to u all in this CNY cos so long adi we all no gather together like this and so happy with u all in this few days moment.so sad is today half ppl will go back to study.so who will back today pls take good care ya...Fatt Choi 'mooo'...hehe"
by Chia Sheng 31/1/2009

"Hi, all my dearest sg frens, i m going back to sabah d. Thx 4 giving me such a wonderful cny. Eventhough i jz spent few days v u all, it's sufficient 4 me to cherish it 4 the rest of my life. Hopefully v can meet each other soon...All the best n mz miss me ya...Hehe"
by Joo Hong 1/2/2009

& last but not least Chun Hon's blog....plz click here 2 know more....

Is not a speech tat given in a gathering...is short & simple....but is much much better than that...is more than enough...that what makes us(S.G.) special...

Thank You very much 4 the that!!!

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