Sunday, January 8, 2012

From East to West, making my own choice is the best.

20th of October 2011 marks a historical date to me. It is the date I stepped both of my feet into the working society. I have been listened a lot about working society. Most of them are evil one. This cannot do, that cannot do. This have to take care, that have to be aware of. Argh~!!! Almost scare my guts off.

The truth is...That isn't that bad la. That's why we don't just listen from the others and conclude our judgement before we try or experience it.

I have been here...for 6 months in total...

4 months (1st June till 30th September 2011) for my internship programme. That time I was still a STUDENT. So that's different with real working world. I used to hear "Ah, Don't worry la. You are just for here for 4 months. Very fast one la." I understand about that. However, every second there, I always give in my best. I knew that this is the time. The time I build my career. The time I build my reputation not just only in this particular field, but in working society.

My effort didn't go vanished. By the time I ended my internship, I was offered with a permanent job - Wafer Process Engineer. Of course, Thanks to my internship supervisor, Mr. Ng and Facility Department Manager, Miss Yeoh. According to them, I will not be recommended if I am not capable. I was encouraged by their words. I was convinced by them that technical knowledge is important for me and this is them time I need to pick them up as much as possible...

2 months as a green horn in production industry, I learnt a lot. Besides the technical skills, I was exposed to lot of soft skills. I was even lucky to have a bunch of nice co-workers with me.

In short, working in Japanese Company...
  1. Discipline is priority.
  2. Punctuality is important to avoid salary deduction (Clock in/out & break time).
  3. Working extra time is necessary.
  4. Daily progress is observed.
  5. Working hard and going back late is good.

Kicking start my 2012, I have my new job. It's here...

I am here just for a week. It's a bit early to judge but I feel good with it. Hope everything will be good here.

In short, working in American Company...
  1. Flexible working hour. (8-5 or 9-6 up to us)
  2. Flexible breaking hour (No bell ring to ask us back for work).
  3. Go back on time.
  4. Result oriented.
  5. Creativity and innovation is important.

Much to share in future.

For me neither is good nor bad. It depends on which is suitable for each individual. As for me, I make my own call and I feel good of it.

How about u?

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