Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 13 in year 2011

May 13 is one of the darkest day in Malaysia history. In year 1969, a big riot and fight among races happenned and that was 42 years ago. So having my exam on this date which falls on Friday really give me not a good kind of feeling about it. Somehow, I am glad that it's over now. My last ever exam in MMU if everything goes smooth. So how's the feeling? What I can say is "Time flies"~!!!

Memory about freshman year comes to me recently. Things happen throughout these 4 years flow into my mind. And now, one of my housemates is going to move out from E-1-B. Later tonight might be the last BBQ among The Gang. After this, everyone is going to take on their on path. All the best ya.

Yesterday, Blogger encountered problem in its website. One of my blog post was disappeared & I can't sign in my account. Fortunately, everything is fine later on. I started writing diary since small. In between, I stopped writing for some times and would rewrite again. The good part in this 4 years, I am quite consistance in it. This blog witnesses my ups & downs for these 4 years. I don't wish that one day when I wake up and I found out every bits of memory gone in the mist.

During blogger event, some of the bloggers asked when will I be getting my own domain or I just replied them SOON. After this, I really gonna take their questions seriously. Luckystrike14 is my longest diary ever and I would like it to be continued even I am now one foot towards a new stage. Luckystrike14 will be walking along with me.

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