Sunday, May 1, 2011

1st time of My Honeymoon

Ah~!!!Here it goes my 1st Honeymoon experience...
I had it nowhere else except Malaysia. I am sure most of you will think that I am so cheapskate. At least I should go Bali right? Haha...But there're so many branches in Klang Valley, why need to travel so far?

Started to get blur? Let me clear your doubt.

My Honeymood Dessert is a dessert shop. I like its tagline "Our Desserts, Your Honeymoon."

There are several branches in Klang Valley:
  1. Sunway Pyramid
  2. One Utama
  3. Kota Damansara
  4. Puchong IOI
  5. Kepong
  6. Kuchai Lama
Last Saturday, I went to the Sunway Piramid branch. Thanks to, I can even enjoy it with a lower price.

Won a RM20.00 cash voucher from and it makes me feel like I am going for a real honeymoon. Haha...

With my appetite, I ordered 4 types of dessert. Yummy~!!! Is that for me alone? Have a guess...

Of course not. What's a honeymoon if you can't find a person to share with? This photo is a must-uploaded one. I was WARNED about that. haha...

C5-Hello (RM10.00)

C11-Aloe Vera Summer Sp. (RM13.00)

F4-Toddy Palm Sago (RM7.00)

D2-Durian Pancake (RM9.00)

Overall, the desserts are nice. It's different if compared to other dessert shop. The ingredients used are special. But I notice that the Durian Pancake is much tastier than the one from Brother of Desserts. That's just my opinion. Hope you all get what I mean. I can't be too obvious right?

I reached there around 8.45pm. Somehow, most of the desserts that I would like to try are out of stocks. May I know wheather is me that late or you all have only limited supply? I would like to try on the Mango Pancake and glutinous rice ball (Tang Yuan) but I had no luck on that day. I hope next time I would be able to try on that. Besides, the pudding and the banana boat are also in my must-try list during my next visit.

Regarding the price, I would say that it is slightly expensive. Every purchase will be charged with 10% service charge. However, the price for a feel of being honeymoon is worth for it. The dessert deserves the price. Ohya, did I mention that 4 types of desserts are too much for 2 persons. We were very full after that. So plan your orders.

The details can be found in My Honeymoon Facebook page and My Honeymoon website.

So now who is planning for honeymoon?


julian said...

wow honeymoon so sweet

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Haha...the desserts are sweets...

Nikel Khor said...

wohooo.. i know the dessert is a great.. i visit there few times edy.. haha