Saturday, October 29, 2011

4 years of Memory Lane

When I first stepped to Cyberjaya, I said "Shit~!!! I gonna spend my 4 years at this god-forsaken place?"

First few months, every weekend I will find excuses not to stay there. Either go to K.L. to meet up friends or even but bus ticket and head back to my hometown, Perlis. But that was 2007. Now, I miss it. A place where I spend most of my time there during my campus life. When someone mention about E-1-B, it will draw my attention. Even it's not related to me, I will still link it to...

A day before I move everything out from a warm shelter that I had spent my 4 years.

I got to admit that I had a big room. Kinda spacy. Oh. RAIN~!!!

After 4 years, I really did accumulated a lot of Chaplang stuff. But not a thing that I could leave it there. Every single piece carries each dots of my memories.

5 months ago, before I left. I took a browse of every corner of it.

Tukkkk~!!! *Door closed*

Another chapter ends

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