Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wrap up year 2008

Looking at a lot of my friends' blog,most of them are about the summary about them of year 2008...I think i m gonna wrap up oso...

Year 2008

Miss the chance to go for CNY trip (this year must on!!!)

Been to Pulau Redang,Sungkai,Endau-Rompin State Park,Gua Tempurung for the 1st time (Thanks to MMU Cyberjaya Tourism Club)

Bought new handphone Nokia 6500 (bt now battery got problem d...shit)

Attended my friend's 1st ever graduation ceremony (ZheeLoong, KokSeang, MingMin, MeiNee & etc keep it on in your adv.diploma ya)

1st started bloging in Blogspot so as Nuffnang (the start of

1st step into Euphoria (it's free...thanks 2 Nuffnang)

Went for Happy Moment Prize Giving Ceremony (thanks to Wailuen)

2nd anniversary of being single (haha...tak mau kahwin dah kah?)

Getting to know some1 more after doing some mistakes (haha...kena marah la)

Do crazy things (went to Genting at wee hour)

1st time attended Prom Nite in J.W. Marriot,Putrajaya (wow...)

1st step into Putrajaya Hospital (because of backache...)

Experience the pain when the petrol price is raised up till Rm2.70 (wah...painfull le)

last but not least,at the last day of 2008,i spend with some1 i think is special & worth for it
(thank a lot)

Basically,in year 2008 i experience a lot of new things,either good one or bad a nutshell,i am still satisfied with the year 2008...i am happy with what i am now...

Hopefully 2009 would be a better 1...

a lot of wishes have been made by the time 1/1/09 12.00am...hopefully i can make it...

so am i would be a better man :p


*vinyee* said...

U went to the Prom Nite at JW Marriott, Putrajaya? The one organised by MMU?

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

yea...u were there oso??