Friday, November 28, 2008

The 1 & onli fakers

I have given an answer "I think is better for us 2 take it in other sem la...i think v r nt reali ready 4 it..." the nex thing i know is v still keep on the plan...i m living in a democratic country called Malaysia...therefore i think my vote is considered minority & majority think that stick 2 the plan is better...ok...i hv 2 take it...i respect the decision as plan is going on...since most of them vote 4 it...i think they would be more than willing 2 take up the responsibility now in tis sem...wat's called as responsibilities?...when u r free there,wat r ur groupmates doing there?when u r in d class,wat the other groupmates r doing?when ur meeting ends,where's ur other groupmates?do they reali know tat the meeting has dismissed?when & where is the meeting?do ur groupmates know about it?I am doing tis,do ur groupmates know about it?on the other hand,wat's my groupmates r doing ar?do they need my help?Don't let tis misunderstandings take place,it will affect the progress of the assignment...don't take it for granted...every group members has the same for the 1 & onli Fakers la...tis post is meant for those who are engaging in group assignment...nth personal...all the best fakers!!!

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