Monday, September 15, 2008

Moon cake festival / Lantern Festival

Actually i thought tat tis year i won b able 2 enjoy Moon cake festival as the ECP2216 assignment presentation is on d nex day...& some more it falls on weekend,many of my frenz & housemates went bc 2 their hometown...

I thought tat tis wil b d onli moon cake tat i gonna eat tis year...thanks 2 Yun for d cute doraemon...hehe...

However ytd after d ecp2216 assignment meeting, peise,JJ & Julian brought out some moon cakes for us...thank u so nice...& of course is sweet!!!

When v r getting elder,v hope tat v will be younger & after d moon cake eating,v went 2 putrajaya for lantern session...haha...enjoy being reali a special moon cake festival for me!!


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