Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's good to be yourselves but be a GOOD one...

There're a lot come across my mind. But I think these two I would like to share and this method is much better than other social network like Facebook or Tweeter.

These two incidents happened just around me. It's about the image of a person and the about the other images related to that person.

1st: Undeniable, graduates from the institution that I graduated are marked as quality ones. It's not my sole personal comment, but my friends & I received a lot of complements about this too. Some employers even choose or pick ONLY graduates from MMU. Thanks to our seniors that make things easy for their juniors. I understand that this doesn't come in a day. Instead, the efforts and good performances exhibited by my seniors from time to time build up the name of my graduated university. They are much appreciated. Therefore, we should continue their effort so that our juniors could enjoy the privileges too.

Unfortunately, some people take it for granted once they got a job. They just feel that it's ok for them just to have their monthly pay and don't care of anything. They just do not show their effort and enthusiasm in what they are doing now until their co-workers complain about their performance and their employers even asked them sarcastically:"From which lousy university did you get your degree?"

So guess how I feel? The word ASHAMED can't describe it. Fxck up. It's out of my control but I will definitely do my best.

2nd: It is also about graduates but it is from a famous local PUBLIC university. As I said before, when we want to do something, think twice or more before we execute it. It's about my ex-coworker. He is just a FRESH graduate at the age of 24. But because of some offensive action that he did in the company, he was terminated IMMEDIATELY with a BAD record. It's not a normal case, it's related to sexual harassment. How could he get a new job? How could he pay for his car's installment? How could he face the others again if this incident is spread?

How come he just don't think of the consequences? I just can't believe this is happen on you. Don't judge a book by its cover? or Nothing is impossible nowadays?

*If wanna know about the details, pls contact me in personally then I will reveal if it's convenient. Pls don't leave any comment here.*

Sunday, January 8, 2012

From East to West, making my own choice is the best.

20th of October 2011 marks a historical date to me. It is the date I stepped both of my feet into the working society. I have been listened a lot about working society. Most of them are evil one. This cannot do, that cannot do. This have to take care, that have to be aware of. Argh~!!! Almost scare my guts off.

The truth is...That isn't that bad la. That's why we don't just listen from the others and conclude our judgement before we try or experience it.

I have been here...for 6 months in total...

4 months (1st June till 30th September 2011) for my internship programme. That time I was still a STUDENT. So that's different with real working world. I used to hear "Ah, Don't worry la. You are just for here for 4 months. Very fast one la." I understand about that. However, every second there, I always give in my best. I knew that this is the time. The time I build my career. The time I build my reputation not just only in this particular field, but in working society.

My effort didn't go vanished. By the time I ended my internship, I was offered with a permanent job - Wafer Process Engineer. Of course, Thanks to my internship supervisor, Mr. Ng and Facility Department Manager, Miss Yeoh. According to them, I will not be recommended if I am not capable. I was encouraged by their words. I was convinced by them that technical knowledge is important for me and this is them time I need to pick them up as much as possible...

2 months as a green horn in production industry, I learnt a lot. Besides the technical skills, I was exposed to lot of soft skills. I was even lucky to have a bunch of nice co-workers with me.

In short, working in Japanese Company...
  1. Discipline is priority.
  2. Punctuality is important to avoid salary deduction (Clock in/out & break time).
  3. Working extra time is necessary.
  4. Daily progress is observed.
  5. Working hard and going back late is good.

Kicking start my 2012, I have my new job. It's here...

I am here just for a week. It's a bit early to judge but I feel good with it. Hope everything will be good here.

In short, working in American Company...
  1. Flexible working hour. (8-5 or 9-6 up to us)
  2. Flexible breaking hour (No bell ring to ask us back for work).
  3. Go back on time.
  4. Result oriented.
  5. Creativity and innovation is important.

Much to share in future.

For me neither is good nor bad. It depends on which is suitable for each individual. As for me, I make my own call and I feel good of it.

How about u?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I almost forget about Luckystrike14 already. I almost give up what I had earned before. My effort to build up Luckystrike14 almost vanish into the air. Have to keep it up. Keep everything in the memory.

31st of Dec marks the last day of 2011. Oh. It's 2012 already, a year full of uncertainty especially after the movie "2012" was shown in the big screen. Anyway, Happy New Year~!!! It will be a good good year as I am half way financial independent.

Ohya...Last year X'mas I received a great gift...It's from a stranger that eventually become a string of bond...

It's actually from Valyn Lim, a famous blogger with blog URL:

Thanks to Shao Ying that notice about the postcard give away in her Facebook link. Thank you Valyn and Shao Ying.

I only mentioned to her once that I like collecting postcard throughout the world...=)

Attention to all the readers: I LIKE COLLECTING POSTCARDS~!!!

Ushering the year 2012, I got this...Greeting from Hong Kong...

Thanks ya...It means more than a free postcard for me...It's design and the 1881 Heritage landscape is unique...

A whole set of stamps were bought just for a post card...

I was touched indeed...*Appreciate*

Sometimes, something are meant to be remained. E-card is faster, cheaper & more convenient. Postcard is more memorable. Glad to see them expanding...

2012 destination wishlist: Singapore, Christchurch or Europe (Have to pick one due to financial constraint). That's motivation for me.